Reliable Lawn Care in Union, Lincoln, and Ouachita Parish

We keep your lawn beautiful so you can focus on what matters the most to you.

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Basic Lawn Service

Maintaining a beautiful yard is easy when you call GreenValley Our standard lawn mowing services keep your weekends free and your yard looking its best. Standard lawn mowing visits include:

Level Grass Cutting

Trimming around fences and trees


Blowing of debris

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Trash Removal

If you live by a busy road and always have trash in your yard you can be assured every visit we make we will pick up the trash. Customer Satisfaction comes first guaranteed.

Group Rates

Ask Us About Our Group Rate!!! 

We offer group rates when you refer two or more people that sign a 12 month agreement. Tell your friends and family about us to SAVE BIG MONEY!!!​ 

*larger discount for more people, no discount will exceed 20%*


If you need to fill in a bare spot, we offer over-seeding with a warm season grass in spring. If you want a pop of color throughout the winter, we offer over-seeding with rye grass in the fall. We de-thatch and spread fresh soil where necessary, aerate, and spread seed of your choice. We also offer plugs and sod for beautiful St. Augustine. 

Leaf Mulching

We offer leaf removal services by mulching or bagging. 3-4 visits are recommended each winter to MULCH all leaves. 1-2 visits are recommended for BAGGING leaves.

Gutter Clean Out 

Gutters are often neglected for long periods of time, causing foundation problems, rotted wood, and insect infestation. Cleaning your gutters can  be a hard task to do, which is why we ask that you pick up the phone and call us at GreenValley today. Don't let your gutters become a problem, call us TODAY!

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