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Pulling weeds is a pain and nobody wants or has the time to do it, but thankfully theres GreenValley​We take our time when hand picking your flower beds because we understand that you care for the curb appeal of your home or business and So Do We!!!


Mulch is spread around plants and over the soil to help retain moisture, choke out weeds, and give the area a more uniform look. Organic mulches such as pine straw and wood chips also improve the soil’s richness as they decompose.

At GreenValley, we recommend refreshing mulch in the spring and fall. Mulch will help retain moisture for our hot Louisiana summer days and provide winter protection in colder months.

Types of mulch most commonly used in Louisiana are pine straw and cypress mulch. These mulches are organic. Occasionally we use recycled rubber tire for playgrounds or commercial areas. Insects tend to avoid this material and it is easily maintained.

Shrub and Tree pruning

Shrub and tree pruning can be very beneficial in many ways. Overgrown shrubs and trees can be highways for termites and black ants, offering a way to the interior of your home. Shrubs can also keep moisture against your home and cause mildew on your brick or vinyl, and of course the appearance is far better when they are properly maintained.

Seasonal Decor

If you enjoy decorating for the Autumn season, we offer many choices of decorative designs that will give your home or business the beautiful fall look that you are looking to achieve.

Top Soil

We will have fresh, nutrient rich topsoil delivered  directly to your home or business and installed in a timely manner. 

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